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General questions:

  1. Go to the desired game, select the desired server.
  2. If you have not been previously registered, enter your e-mail in the «Discount» field. If applicable, enter the promotional code.
  3. Choose the desired payment method.
  4. Enter the desired amount of game currency, or how much you wish to purchase.
  5. After clicking «Go to payment», you will proceed to the checkout page.
  6. On this page, you need to fill in the required fields. Leave a comment if necessary.
  7. On the next page you will be asked to proceed to the payment process.

Once you have filled in the «I buy» or the «I pay» field, you will see 3 prices:

  1. Price of the unit of currency with discounts.
  2. The amount of game currency that you will receive with the bonus.
  3. Payment amount with discounts.

It depends on the field in which you conduct calculations.

«I buy» - you will receive a discount from the payment amount.

«I pay» - You will receive a bonus of in-game currency.

Our operators are ready to process your order from 09:00 to 02:00 Moscow time. If you place your order outside of business hours, the delivery will be carried out the next day.

You can look up the minimum amount under the «I pay» field.

You will have to register to receive discounts. The website offers two types of registration:

«Simplified» Registration - during checkout, you fill in the «e-mail» field; your account is activated once you make a payment. You receive discounts, and your password is sent to the specified e-mail address. 
«Full» Registration - you can register before checkout by filling out the registration form.

If we do not respond to you during business hours, it is most likely that our operators are very busy and will respond to you in turn.



1. First, You need to pick your game and game server.

2. From Payment methods You need to choose "PayPal (EUR) — G2A Pay" or "PayPal (USD) — G2A Pay". We can also accept Skrill, Paysafecard, Credit Cards and other payment methods.

3. After You've put amount of ingame currency that You needed, or, amount You want to pay, click "Continue" button.

4, 5. On the new page, You need to put your ingame name, contact information, delivery method and press "Continue" button again.

6, 7. After that, You will be transfered to the page, where You need to pick your payment method. You have to create account (or signin if You already have one). You don't have to create account, if You pay with Paysafecard or Credit Cards.

8, 9. Then, You need to pick your payment method (PayPal, Skrill, Paysafecard, Credit Cards, or other) and confirm it.

10, 11. If You pay with PayPal or Skrill, will create a new window in which You have to put your PayPal/Skrill login and password and signin to your PayPal/Skrill account.

12. Confirm your payment (if You pay with PayPal/Skrill, then will charge additional fee $0.3 + 2.49%). More about fees.

13. After You've confirmed your payment, You'll be transferred to the payment verification page (PayPal, Skrill). Usually, it takes up to 10-15 min, to verify the payment. Your order will be delivered after the verification will be finished. You can check your verification status here.



Game currency:

Unfortunately, there are no fixed prices; they always fluctuate. In order to sell your game currency and find out the price, you should go to the suppliers section and contact our operator.

We maintain a smoothly running and safe system of transferring goods. We only work with reliable transfer services that we have been working with for several years. However, since the purchase of gaming values is not stipulated by the rules of the game, there always exists a minimal risk.



Yes, you can get acquainted with the service here.


Powerleveling a character:

Our guarantees can be found here. We strongly recommend not to leave behind any expensive items if it is not required by powerleveling.

To place an order, contact our operators by any convenient method offered in the «Contacts» section..

Usually, powerleveling includes only leveling up.


Buying/Selling accounts:

Contact our operators by any convenient method offered in the «Contacts» section. 

We cannot name an exact price, because it constantly fluctuates.

You can view our guarantees here. We guarantee that the account you have bought will not be revoked by its owner. Otherwise, we will refund your money.

     Do you still have any questions? Ask them through our   Online chat.