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Discount system

Our service provides various types of discounts. 

  ─ What discounts are available?

   • Volume discount - the percentage of the discount differs for each game server and is allocated depending on the volume of the one-time purchase. The more you buy, the less you pay.  

   • Cumulative discount (tied to the e-mail address) - allocated for the total amount of all purchases and is applied to all games and goods. You can always learn the current percentage of your cumulative discount and the total amount of your purchases in your account under "Order History". Before making a purchase using the cumulative discount, you need to log in on the website - after authentication procedure the value of all purchases will be calculated based on your cumulative discount.

   • Promotional coupons - distributed during promotions on the game server. When activated, the amount of the discount increases by the value of the coupon.  

* All discounts are summed up.

Cumulative discount: Quantity discount: