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Russian classic servers are tied to a CIS region. To play official english classic Lineage you should use We are not responsible for any game administration actions with your account.
By using RPGHIT services, we can give you warranty, that ingame goods will be delivered to You. We are trying as much as possible to protect your in-game character against Administrations sanctions. However, since real money trading is against Game's or Free Server's rules, You realize risks that Game Administration may do against You.

We can replenish your personal account in 4Game.

If you want to replenish more then one 4Game account - you need to input in "i will buy" field 600 4Game RUB for two accounts, 900 for three, etc. Leave all your 4Game logins in the comments to the order field on the next page.

In order to replenish your account, you need:

1. In the "Server" box, You need to select "4Game RUB (1 month = 300 RUB)".
2. Select your payment method.
3. Enter the amount of 4Game RUB you want to replenish your account with. (1 month = 300RUB, 3 months = 750 RUB, 6 months = 1300RUB).
4. Click on "Continue" button.
5. On the next page, in the "Note to the order" field, you must leave your 4Game login on which You want to receive RUB. You can also leave it in the "Character name" field.

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