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If you are a true fantasy fan, Lineage 2 is a game you can’t miss. This MMORPG allows you to explore an immense virtual universe full of quests, battles and of course magic interacting with other characters in real time. It’s like you were actually living in a parallel reality – a rare chance to escape the grip of daily routine and become a hero you always dreamed to be!

Lineage 2 offers a wide range of races and classes, tremendous upgrade options, active social life and a unique trading system with the ability to earn or buy adena – in-game currency giving access to exclusive items. The MMORPG is also regularly updated with so-called chronicles introducing new storylines and gameplay functions. Let’s take a closer look at each of these aspects!

skelth adena


Character upgrade

You start by choosing one of 5 races (Humans, Elves, Dark Elves, Dwarves and Orcs) and over 30 classes (Warrior, Archer, Wizard, Healer etc). Basic characteristics (strength, dexterity, intelligence) are the same for all players and can be upgraded by choice as you gain experience points for enemy kills, war victories and completed quests. You can run up to 7 characters from a single account.


Special emphasis is put on equipment that includes weapons with physical and magical damage, armor and amulets. There are also potions and buffs giving you temporary skill boosts as well as scrolls for weapon enchantment. All that can be obtained in battles or purchased for adena on Skelth. Classic recipes are also available to Dwarves – the only race with a craft skill.

Social activity

Lineage 2 strongly focuses on social interaction between players. They can unite into clans to hunt monsters and wage wars for territory and influence. These wars are held in the form of scheduled castle sieges. Individual duels are also possible, but unauthorized kills will increase your karma up to the point of banning.

Trading system and adena

To play Lineage 2 successfully, you’ll need special in-game currency unlocking all possible items to buy – adena. On classic servers, you can cash in by trading crafted or obtained stuff in the market. But that requires a lot of time and special skills. If you’d rather focus on the gameplay than money-making, it makes sense to buy adena. Skelth offers an easy, fast and cheap way to do that. Whether you choose to earn or buy adena, Lineage Classic is pretty hard to play without it. So make sure your pocket is always full!